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Link local unemployment to the rising demand for workers in the energy transition and at the same time help people with lower incomes to benefit?

The Netherlands wants to meet the Paris agreements and in doing so needs to include everyone to make the transition to a more sustainable energy system work. Fixing a problem on one side should not lead to a (bigger) problem on the other. We are moving towards a new sustainable energy system for all, including people who are currently not in a (financial) situation able invest in making their homes more energy efficient.

While we struggle to find the right workers, several neighbourhoods in Dutch cities such as Rotterdam face social economic vulnerability and high unemployment. WijkEnergie Werkt will train and educate currently unemployed local people to do small and larger jobs in their own neighbourhood. Jobs such as installing solar panels, isolation, LED lighting etc. Making the transition to this new world of energy beneficial for all.

In order to make the WijkEnergie Werkt idea a reality, several steps have been taken.

Noorderwind helped develop the idea, from a concept to a business plan. In a sprint setup, we brought the expertise to develop a scalable analytical model, to be able to grow in other areas in the Netherlands. We also assisted in writing subsidy applications.

With great result as WijkEnergie Werkt received a subsidy from CityLab 010 so we look forward to working with them over the next year!

“Er zit een erg waardevolle diepgang in onze gesprekken waarmee we iedere keer het idee, het project en de organisatie een paar stappen verder brengen. Soms heb ik het gevoel voor een week werk te hebben gedaan na een gesprek met Boukje, Sanne of Thijs”

Josee van Linschoten, Transition Manager

Energy Transition | Unemployment | Neighbourhood participation

Sanne Mylonas
06 4502 8218

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