It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage

Quote by George William Curtis

Let’s set sail to your innovation together

It's amazing how Noorderwind helps us from our astonishment "that this can happen" to the new normal!

Jeannette Baljeu, former client of Noorderwind

Todays challenges
need tomorrows innovation strategies

Your innovation partner in your transition journey

We can help you co-create your journey from idea to impact by linking you to the right people and expertise when you need them.

All of our services are offered in co-creation with corporates, startups, freelancers, government, and universities.

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Experimentation as a way of working

Increasing success rates by fast iterations, lean validation and quick product discovery.

Using fast iterations, lean validation and quick product discoveries to increase your success rate. Embracing a culture of failure, to make sure we succeed.

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To shape a future we want to be part of!

Investing our time, expertise, network and energy in creating net positive ecological, social and financial impact through the projects we become partners in.

Because we think simply sustaining the status quo is not enough any more.

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A collective of high tech startup founders

Noorderwind is owned by a collective of innovators with their own expertises, looking to invest time in creating a better tomorrow.

With a focus on building and validating solutions for challenges within the energy, water, mobility, health and food sector.

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We believe in contributing to a better world with