Todays challenges
need tomorrows innovation strategies

The best ideas for a new and sustainable society are already out there. What’s missing are the knowledge, experience and people needed to turn them into strong business cases. What if we could help turn your idea into an impactful business?


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It's amazing how you helped us from our astonishment about "that this even could" to perceiving this as the new normal!

Jeannette Baljeu, representative of the province Zuid-Holland

I have an idea and need help taking the next step

We can help you co-create your journey from idea to impact by linking you to the right people and expertise when you need them.

All of our services are offered in co-creation with corporates, startups, freelancers, government, and universities.

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I want my organization or team to be more innovative

Increasing success rates by fast iterations, lean validation and quick product discovery.

Using fast iterations, lean validation and quick product discoveries to increase your success rate. Embracing a culture of failure, to make sure we succeed.

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I want to become more innovative and sustainable, but don’t know how

Investing our time, expertise, network and energy in creating net positive ecological, social and financial impact through the projects we become partners in.

Because we think simply sustaining the status quo is not enough any more.

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Steering to a better future

Impact, a word that resembles the core of Noorderwind as we strive to be a net-positive ecological and social business. So, what sort of impact do we want to work towards? We only help speed up innovations that actively contribute to one of these transition horizons we identified, based on combining different sustainability strategies like:


  • circular economy
  • roadmap to next society
  • sustainable development goals
  • cradle to cradle
  • club of Rome
  • social entrepreneurship
  • donut economy

We believe in contributing to a better world with partners like