What if we could…

Design, visualize and measure financial, social and ecological impact during an innovation journey, so that we always know whether we’re on track?

The challenge

To make the world a more pleasant place to live, in which talents, potential and other resources (of people and organizations) are optimally utilized, there is demand for a way to design, visualize and measure impact during a project (and not only after).

We acknowledge that some goals are difficult to measure, since they are more qualitative. Still, we believe there is a way to measure, visualize or make indicators insightful, so that the impact, or value created by an organization or project, planned as well as unplanned, can be maximized and the negative (side)effects can be minimized.

What we did so far

One of our partners: Annet Struik developed an impact tool that enables projects in a citylab to regularly check-in and answer the following question: Am I still moving in the right direction? The direction is based upon your own defined higher mission and vision, and takes notice of not only financial, but also social and ecological impact.

We first joined as sparring partner, to (a.o.) discuss the conditions that the tool must meet. Currently we help in building a business case around Annet’s tool and we are developing our own version of the tool focussing on tracking co-innovation teams/projects.

Read the blog here

Impact | Company insights | Organisation | 2018

 Joni Reijven

 Annet Struik

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