What if we could…

Seduce citizens to stop littering next to containers, while making the city greener and healthier?

The challenge

Cities are struggling with the issues of littering. Many municipalities are interested in the involvement of its inhabitants in finding a solution for this issue but are looking for ways to do this.

That is why CityGard containertuintjes partnered with Noorderwind to develop a series of co-creation and civic engagement sessions that we can offer to municipalities.

CityGard containertuintjes developed an urban garden from recycled plastic that fits on top of the underground containers. It reduces the habit of littering and it encourages civic engagement of the neighbours of the urban garden in several ways.

What we did so far

In order to fit the needs of municipalities we developed a set of sessions that result in an action plan to create civic engagement by using the CityGard containertuintjes.

The focus of these action plans can be to engage inhabitants. Examples of action plans are involving inhabitants in the process of the collection of plastic waste that can be used to build a CityGard containertuintje or involving them in the surveillance and maintenance of the CityGard containertuintjes.


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