What if we could…

Create a circular exhibition to show the possibilities and beauty of biobased architecture at multiple locations?

The challenge

Fiction Factory builds anything you can imagen, from theaterdecors to interiors of hotels. Sadly, much of what they build is only temporary and not reused. That is why Fiction Factory decided to look into the value chain to identify how it can create circular exhibitions. 

Together with OPERA Amsterdam, Buurman Rotterdam, Museumgoed and Noorderwind, they are now researching how to make the exhibition industry circular, validating their so-called 7Loops service.  

What we did so far

Noorderwind facilitates a set of online co-creation session in which all parties within the value chain (such as museums, interior designers, transporters and storage facilities) dive into the steps within the value chain and validate the assumption we have about the 7 Loops service. 

We will then pilot the 7 Loops service with a circular exhibition and work out the business model. 

Sanne Mylonas
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