Connecting the dots between your idea and a real impactful business case

Our innovation process is centered around quickly validating the challenges that your customer experiences. By building the right solutions fast, we’ll help you discover the right transition path for your company quickly.

The innovation journey is a three-step process. First, we’ll tune in to your customer and your context. How can we help your client? What kinds of opportunities are out there? Second, we’ll help you respond to those opportunities by developing new products and services. Third, we’ll run them through our experimentation and validation process that will enable you to create fitting solutions for doing business in a circular society. 

Our services

Innovation journeys tailored to your needs

Deep dive

1/2 to 1 day

An interactive work-day with experienced professionals that’s designed to tackle one specific topic in your innovation journey. In one day, we’ll turn your challenge into an actionable output that will help you take your next step.

Example: Tulyp Windpower

Design sprint

1 week

A five-day process of intensive teamwork that employs Design Thinking to validate hypotheses of your solution, prototype ideas, and test them with your customers. You bring the challenge, we’ll supply the right creative experts to compliment your team.

Example: REsprint


3 to 6 months

We’ll assemble a diverse team from multiple organizations with different expertise to be your team. They’ll share an agile mindset and lend their complementary skills to work comprehensively on your innovation project in a multi-month process.

Example: Eriks Brain

Startup support

On the fly

For independent startups we offer the option to partner up with us in exchange for a (delayed) payment in money, hours, goods and/or shares. Because we know how hard it is to start, we would like to give you the support we would have wanted ourselves.

Example: The Wild Bunch

Ready to turn your idea into an ad-venture?

Let’s talk about how we can meet your needs.

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Want to learn the ropes of innovation?

At the Noorderwind Academy, we offer several programs designed to train your own innovation skills and mindset. Get in touch if you’re curious about one of our existing training programs, or if you’d like to discuss a custom program tailored to your team’s specific needs.

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