What if we could…

Increase the amount of wind energy produced in the Netherlands by introducing the Tulyp wind turbine?

The challenge

Our day-to-day society is in desperate need for sustainable energy, while at the same time, there is low availability of possible locations.

We endorse the vision to use the power of social cohesion, engagement and energy pacts (as citizen, business, institution or government) in the transition towards (use of) clean energy.

What we did so far

We support our partner in building a competitive business case for an innovative wind energy solution which is fit for purpose, of high quality, of low maintenance and last but not least: 100% Dutch Design.

We help by means of startup coaching (part of the Port XL program), open up our network, think along with the branding, assist in validating the business case and help requesting a subsidy or other finance funding for their project, in order to fabricate a scale model.

“Noorderwind really made acceleration possible; they were valuable thinking partners with lots of validation experience. They helped us to visualise our ideas, both literally and figuratively, from project to concept.”

Eric Pieterse, New Business Developer at Arkom Windpower

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Boukje Vastbinder
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