What if we could…

Contribute to stopping deforestation by proving that the business case of a natural rainforest is more profitable than the current situation?

The challenge

We aim to stop deforestation and the conversion of rainforests into monoculture
plantations such as palm oil. Palm oil is literally everywhere (foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and fuels).  Instead of being a source of huge profits for multinationals (and destroying livelihoods of small livelihoods), we want to change this state of affairs.

Forests and human settlements have been destroyed and replaced by green deserts for a long time, but we stand for no more displacement of indigenous people, deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

What we did so far

We support our partner to prove that the business case of the natural rainforest is more profitable than that of palm oil plantations or other destroyers, which require the forest to be cut down.

We help our partner to brainstorm and think along a 3-step business plan to map natural rainforests (trees, plants and ecosystem) by means of drones or satellite images, make an overview of what we can produce from this natural rainforest (e.g. medical ingredients, electricity, food or other everyday products) and assist in buying and selling these products in western countries.

We assist them in convincing forest communities to change their mindset; it is possible to get more out of the natural rainforest than you get out of it now and to become self-sufficient once again.

“It’s wonderful to experience how Noorderwind establishes clarity in our ideas and plans.”

Dirkjan Oudshoorn, co-founder The Wild Bunch

Environment | Food | Startup | Strategy | Supply chain optimization

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