What if we could…

Develop a sanitation hub that produces sustainable fertilizer and drinking water?

The challenge

Developing a wastewater treatment that could give value to public toilet facilities.

Semilla Sanitation Hubs gives value to urine, grey water and black water which is turned into fertilizer and clean (drinking) water. As they can do this for mobile and fixed toilet units, they offer this value to both remote/off the grid locations as well as to newly constructed buildings.

They currently focus on placing their toilet  facilities on festivals and events, but their big dream is to create circular toilet/shower units that can be placed in disaster areas and refugee camps. This way they hope to provide clean drinking water, the possibility to grow crops  and safe sanitation facilities for those areas. 

What we did so far

Noorderwind coaches Semilla Sanitation Hubs within the Startup in Residence Program of the Municipality of Amsterdam. We are working towards a pilot that make the existing public toilet facilities circular.

The second step we are looking into with the municipality is to see how the fertilizer created from the waste treatment can be incorporated into the municipalities parks and green maintenance.

Besides the pilot Noorderwind helps Semilla Sanitation with the business case development and funding opportunities.

“I am a dreamer and need structure. This is what I get from Noorderwind and helps me focus on the goals we want to achieve”

– Peter Scheer, founding partner Semilla Sanitation Hubs

Sanne Mylonas
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