What if we could…

use the Google design sprint method to help repurpose and revalue an organisations residual material flows in co-creation with designers and internal stakeholders?

The challenge

The Province of South-Holland has the ambition to transition to a circular economy within the next 20 years.

In order to set a good example, and possibly also to reduce costs, our partner at the Province is interested in upcycling opportunities of their own residual flows. They are curious what the alternatives are to the current approach of transporting waste products to facilities where they eventually disappear into the waste incinerators and challenged us to come up with alternatives.

For this specific challenge they are looking for alternative usages for waste products that appear during the renovation of their office building.

What we did so far

We assist our partner in considering waste as a raw material. However, we don’t focus on offering alternatives for reuse of these materials but we facilitate them in coming up with their own alternatives in co-creation with the circular design experts of VerdraaidGoed.

We do this by applying a newly developed concept we named REsprint: a circular design sprint (inspired by the Google Venture sprint) to explore various usages of the waste products. With help of design thinking, prototyping and validation (with real customers), we sketch a clear path for turning the waste products into raw materials.

The result of the REsprint with the Province will be presented in september to the public.

“We looked for brainpower and an inventory of our waste materials, with the intention to convert these to something useful. We found that in our partnership with Noorderwind.”

Rik van de Burg, Projectmedewerker Kunst en Afvalverwerking bij Provincie Zuid-Holland

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