What if we could…

Co-create a fieldlab for the circular economy where students can work, live and consume?

The challenge

PRICE is a fieldlab where researchpartners, businesses, educational institutes and the government co-create and showcase circular solutions for the urban environment.

The municipality of Almere asked Noorderwind to facilitate several strategy sessions with the partners of PRICE. The goal was to establish the focus of the fieldlab, identify the roles and commitment of each partner and create a roadmap for the first activities. 

What we did so far

Noorderwind’s involvement in PRICE also concerned the development and facilitation of the first activities of PRICE. In 2020 we organised a mini-hackathon for the students of ROC Flevoland and Windesheim Hogeschool. Three student teams searched for regional circular innovations that could help tackle the challenges of PRICE and co-ceated their vision of what PRICE could offer them to help them prepare for work, living and consuming in a circular economy. 

This mini-hackathon was followed by a set of sessions in which circular businesses met with educational institutes to brainstorm on how future collaborations. 

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