What if we could…

discover in only one week what the possible solutions to your high-tech and/or aerospace-oriented challenge would be?

The challenge

Uncertainties, difficulties, and challenges are becoming more frequent in our fast-changing workplace. What if we could compress the endless-debate cycle into a single week to answer crucial questions and make important decisions about your own business?

This is what Design Sprint is for. It is a one-week workshop where 8 people come together to answer urgent questions by prototyping and testing ideas rapidly. it decreases risk and boosts your team to work more efficiently and confidently.

What we did so far

In collaboration with NLR, we work to bring innovation into the aerospace scene. With the help of Design Sprint we can get clear and reliable data from a realistic prototype instead of waiting to launch the ‘final’ product. This is especially needed in the aerospace field where technology advances at a rapid pace and solutions can be varied.

Interestingly, the Design Sprint is able to capture such variety as it can be catered to many different contexts (from software and business model to hardware and strategy). Thus, the range of prototypes that can be designed is very heterogeneous (from applications to target audiences), ideal for a diverse field as the aerospace can be.

“Working with Noorderwind has been inspiring, opening our eyes and minds to new ways of working. Noorderwind has been the shoulder providing the guidance and support which we needed to experiment and step outside our comfort zone”

Ligeia Paletti, Senior R&D Engineer NLR

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