What if we could…

turn an old fashioned Dutch ‘polder’ into a food forest to provide the neighbourhood with food and to create a better understanding about food consumption?

The challenge

The Ziedewij polder, located just 10 kilometers outside Rotterdam, is an area suitable for many agricultural activities. Right now the challenge is to make sure this area stays future proof and becomes a biodiverse landscape. A landscape where food production (with a food forest) and its recreational opportunities are coming together.

As the polder is split up and owned by multiple owners, such as the municipality of Barendrecht and the province of Zuid Holland one of the main challenges was to align these parties when working on Natuurgoed Ziedewij.

What we did so far

Currently Natuurgoed Ziedewij is signing the ‘anterieure overeenkomst’ with the municipality. In this land exploitation agreement we have set agreements about the infrastructure and exploitation.

Next to our help in business case development, branding and the selection process of architect, we’re also organising multiple events at Ziedewij. During the last event (TreeFest) we planted 1.000 trees in collaboration with The Pollinators to start the food forest at Ziedewij.

Gydo van der Wal
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