What if we could…

Collaborate with residents and entrepreneurs to work on a residential environment that is climate proof?

The challenge

Identify how a neighborhood can become climate proof by co-creating solutions with residents, designer and municipal employees

The municipality of Rotterdam and Stichting TussenTuin set up the Lab Reyeroord+ Lab: a physical space for the residents of Reyeroord.

What we did so far

Noorderwind and Zeewaardig facilitated so called Stadlabs in Lab Reyeroord+: 3 design sprint focused on 3 climate issues the neighborhood is facing. 

Three teams of residents, municipal employees and designers looked into the issue of renewable energy, water scarcity and floods and the usage of vegetation in the neighborhood. They each had to find solutions that would fit in the neighborhood with the ability to scale easily to other neighborhoods of Rotterdam.

In the design sprints the teams validated several solutions and built mockups to test in the neighborhood. The final results were presented in september to the residents and municipality during a guided walk through the neighborhood and live presentation of the results.  

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