What if we could…

Create the first functional and self-sustainable circular hub which educates and co-creates how to turn trash into treasure with own machinery?


The challenge

In december 2019 the Kanko Circular Hub was given shape and form during a design sprint week with the municipality of Kumasi, he municipality of Almere, VNG and Noorderwind. A next step towards operating the Kanko Circular Hub is to identify its message, business model and relevant partnerships.

Parallel to this Kanko Circular Hub would like to set up a series of activities, showcasing circular solutions in the waste treatment industry. One of these activities in 2021 is the circular challenge which Noorderwind has set up together with the municipality. Students of the Kumasi Technical University will tackle 3 challenges identified by the municipality. 

What we did so far

Following the design sprint of 2019 Noorderwind facilitated a series of internal co-creation sessions with the municipality of Kumasi. These sessions will focus on the strategic aspects of the Kanko Circular Hub

Additionally, the circular challenge with students of the KNUST will investigate the opportunities to implement waste as resource for new building materials.

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