What if we could…

Build innovative bridges for the Floriade 2022 through participatory design?

The challenge

The province of Flevoland and the municipality of Almere want to stimulate new ways of constructing innovative bridges and creating partnerships in the construction sector.

The showcase of this new approach will be the Floriade 2022, an expo that informs and inspires its visitors about future green cities.

The new approach is based on participatory design, involving different stakeholders who play a role in the construction phase of infrastructure. Together these stakeholders co-create circular concepts for the bridges that are needed on the Floriade 2022 expo.

What we did so far

In order to achieve this goal we created a custom full day program based on design thinking tools. Throughout the day the 50+ stakeholders that participated shared their insights on trends and innovations in the circular construction sector after which they developed 10 concepts for innovative bridges of the Floriade 2022.

Besides developing the program of the day we also created a set of insight cards. These insight cards summarize all the insights of the day and were handed over to the province, the municipality and all the participating stakeholders of the day.

The aim of the program and the insight cards is to provide all the stakeholders with the tools and information needed  to create the innovative bridges.

“The setup of the day made sure that we gained even more than we gave.”

Anonymous participating stakeholder

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