What if we could…

Build innovative circular bridges for the Floriade 2022 through participatory design?

The challenge

The province of Flevoland and the municipality of Almere want to stimulate new ways of constructing innovative bridges and creating partnerships in the construction sector.

The showcase of this new approach will be the Floriade 2022, an expo that informs and inspires its visitors about future green cities.

The new approach is based on participatory design, involving different stakeholders who play a role in the construction phase of infrastructure. Together these stakeholders co-create circular concepts for the bridges that are needed on the Floriade 2022 expo.

What we did so far

In order to achieve this goal we created a custom program of 7 sessions based on design thinking and lean validation tools.

In this program 3 teams of construction experts and circular, material experts each designed the concepts of 2 bridges for the Floriade 2022. Not only do the concepts focus on the design of the bridge. The teams also needed to think of the involvement of stakeholders throughout the construction- and maintenance phase and the various functions the bridge can fulfill.

Two concepts of the bridges that will actually be constructed have been selected by a jury panel and will be constructed for the Floriade 2022 expo.

“If you do what you did, you get what you got. Here we get to do things differently, and that is just what we need”

- Thijs Mackus, Project Manager Heijmans

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