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teach bachelor students who already started a enterprise to become better intra/entrepreneurs by facilitating a curriculum based on both theory and practice?

The Global School of Entrepreneurship (GS4E) educates entre- and intrapreneurs on how to start and scale their business case. Year 2 focusses on market research and for that reason both a Value Creation and Lean Startup  course should be part of the curriculum. Both modules consists of about 5 weeks full time effort but because of the overlap in subjects we are proposing 1 setup that covers both modules but with module 2 spread out over 8 weeks instead of 5. Every module will also be made available without joining the other in case students only want to sign in for 1 of the modules.

In the module the students learn about Eric Reis’s Build-Measure-Learn loop and about different methods to get validated information from different stakeholders. The students will get a better understanding of defining a riskiest assumption for their case and they will be guided in selecting a couple of experiments on how to validate this riskiest assumption. Reflecting on these design experiments in peer2peer (P2P) sessions will be the base of the lean startup journey, together with a final presentation in which they present the results of this journey and lessons learned.

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