What if we could…

Develop a digital service for mechanics in industry, to always have all possible expert knowledge live with them when an incident occurs/question arises?

The challenge

Our target is to assist (service) companies in lean development processes that result in a detailed understanding of how and for which reasons different stakeholders interact with them. Deriving these customer needs results in a solution validation process.

Exploring the opportunities AR technology offers to create multi- dimensional value; looking at not only cost reductions, but also a safer work environment, direct contact/dataflows, empowerment of employees and energy & fuel efficiency.

What we did so far

We chose to engage in a lean validation and development process with a hybrid team consisting of our client’s employees, design sprint facilitators from Noorderwind and relevant engineers from different service companies and startups.

We helped with identifying the riskiest assumptions. We built and performed interviews to test these. Also, we performed market research on AR technology and developed mock-ups to test these.

By mapping stakeholders’ efficiency gaps against potential technological solutions, we ended up with an overview of unique and granular use cases. We will prototype two of these cases with some key customers during a pilot in 2018.

“Noorderwind helped us turn a dream into a real solution for our end customers. ”

Maarten MacKaay, ERIKS

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