What if we could…

Bring ‘Energy Transition Heroes’ into the classrooms of local schools to challenge kids to become energy heroes themselves?

The challenge

The current narrative of ‘’once upon a time, there was climate stability, but then there was coal, oil and LPG combustion and temperature has risen since then… but what can we do..?’’ is not a narrative we want to tell.

In fact, there are so many great stories of heroes working hard to accomplish a transition towards a more sustainable energy system that we chose to put those stories at the heart of a newly developed local education program on energy heroes to activate local schools and kids.

What we did so far

We co-curated, co-designed and co-launched these stories with a great team consisting of local policymakers, educational institutes, designers and startups in the form of an educational toolkit.

This educational toolkit is meant for teachers at primary and secondary schools to help them to  explain what energy transition is, how the kids and school play a role in this transition and to engage the kids in really taking action in the harbour, at school and at home.

At this moment, the toolkit is distributed for free by Onderwijs Netwerk Zuid-Holland and can be found at their website. Besides bringing the partners together behind one common goal and co-designing the toolkit, we also managed the project and measured the impact of the toolkit.

“Our collaboration with Noorderwind felt wonderful, open and transparent! They are flexible, people-oriented, loyal and have a pleasant way of communicating. This was real co-creation, we really did it together.”

Pascale de Leijer, Thema senior Communicatie Energie Provincie Zuid-Holland

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