What if we could…

Combine the upgrade of an application for mobile devices while making it easier to accomplish municipal decision-making to reach common goals?

The challenge

Our partner demanded to be a green, sustainable residential community  with high quality facilities in areas of healthcare, sports, education and culture. We encourage sustainable in the broad sense of the word: living, working, caring and learning, for the future and future generations.

The challenge was to upgrade an app and to open up regulations at the municipality level.

What we did so far

We facilitated a design sprint in which different sprint questions were solved. Also, we developed an impactful mobile app solution to empower customers to work more effectively. Another deliverable was the exponential learning experience for the team.

The sprint questions varied; from how to enable people to learn the system, how to facilitate a user’s process in lean way and how to trigger users to get back to the application.

“The design sprint reached a break through in our way of thinking.”

Paul Veger, directeur van Decos

Environment | Urban | Health | Social | Corporate | Strategy | Design Sprint | Lean

Thijs Weenk
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