What if we could…

Co-design smart business models for repurposing WWI / WWII bunkers that would cover the costs of up-keeping these heritage sites?

The challenge

Thousands of bunkers are scattered throughout the Netherlands, through the landscape and often even underground.

The question was: ‘‘If we give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to do something with these pieces of land, can they generate enough money to provide for their own maintenance, but also to cover the costs for conservation and management of the areas?’’

What we did so far

Together with various parties, such as a local green architect, keepers of natural monuments, a project developer and Stelling 33, we developed an approach that made it possible to choose smartly from various possible applications of these bunkers. An approach that, at the explicit wishes of the Province, could be applied to other places where bunkers are located.

We helped in shaping the concept, assisted in facilitating the co-innovation sessions, helped selecting and inviting the right participants per session (in the first session these were local innovators / startups and bunker experts, in the second session, these were decision makers et cetera), visualized the input and output of all those sessions and finally shaped a plan / approach with which to get started.

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“Without Noorderwind we wouldn’t have had this much focus and progress!”

Peter de Krom, co-founder BunkBed

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