What if we could…

Develop a natural countermeasure to harmful bacteria to help with ever more resistant antibiotics?

The challenge

We promote research and support development of solutions that utilize specific viruses, called bacteriophages, to eliminate bacteria. We seek to utilize the full potential of this natural enemy of superbugs that offers solutions for food production, biodefense, agriculture and health.

In order to seek the full potential, we are committed, in cooperation with doctors and researchers who are already working on this, to the viability of the business case(s) for different target groups.

Hopefully later, we can employ our knowledge to help not only validate the effect of the medicine, but also the business case of it, in a pilot with co-innovation partners.

What we did so far

We aim to alleviate the growing threat of antibiotic multi-resistant microorganisms. Antibiotics resistance is high on the international agenda. Alternative anti-microbial innovations are needed to ward off this health crisis.

The natural alternative for antibiotics, bacteriophage, faces legal constraints, because the alternative is more labour intensive and because its business case (versus that of a chemical agent, like antibiotics) yields much less financial profit.

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