What if we could…

Make it possible for a first aid doctor to see which ambulance and which patient is approaching their hospital?

The challenge

We try to answer the following question: How to link the ICT systems of the emergency room, ambulances and the 112 emergency helpline?

We want to ensure that a patient’s data arrives more quickly, so that more optimal care (during his or her journey from accident to hospital) can be given and received.

What we did so far

We conduct and facilitate (market) research, develop software, improve the overall user experience and validate the application according to wishes and interests of all stakeholders.

In the process of co-creation, together with first aid doctors and paramedics, we offer tailor-made and validated solutions. We believe that this solution could become a solution for all hospitals in and outside the Netherlands.

“Our users are very positive of the usefulness of the apps we developed with Noorderwind”

Jeen Beckers, AmbuSuite

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Thijs Weenk
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