What if we could…

facilitate ten teams of Aerospace Engineering students in assessing the feasibility of a business case for Aerospace technology applied to a societal challenge?

The challenge

With the social, economical, and ecological changes that we are experiencing in the 21st century, inspirations and innovations need to emerge from a larger and a more diverse set of agents. Students, in this regards, might constitute an untapped potential that could speed up societal transformations.

In fact, students rarely have the opportunity to move beyond the boundaries of their educational institutions. Giving voice and novel skills to them could help to blur such educational boundaries, transforming them into the drivers of today’s world.

What we did so far

We tap into the creativity and entrepreneurial attitude of Aerospace Engineering students by challenging them to apply their technical knowledge to a self-chosen and relevant problem. We coach teams and help them to transform their own technical ideas into business cases. By doing so, students are given the responsibility and independency to engage with the world as professional entrepreneurs, creating unexpected and long-lasting impacts. As a matter of fact, we support the teams with the most promising ideas (with subsidy plans and mentoring) to turn their proposal into game-changing business cases.

“It helped me to understand all the steps leading from an idea to a product and I am now much more confident to start a startup”

EE student

“I enjoyed the freedom to work on something I am passionate about”

EE Student

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