Step up your innovation capacity

At the Noorderwind Academy, teams of participants will learn how to turn their ideas into impactful business cases. By combining theory, hands-on exercises, and inspiration from the field in several diverging and converging ideation sessions, our experiential programs create value and learnings for individuals and your organization as a whole.

Noorderwind Academy

6 weeks

Our team will curates programs in which multiple teams of your organisation develop a solution to a challenge you have. The program taps into the most relevant topics, methods, themes, and skills to share with your organization. We’ll match the teams with our diverse network of certified trainers, all of whom are active innovation professionals currently working in the field.

NS Circular Challenge


3 days

Do you want your idea to be adopted within your organization? Learn who to address and which tools to use to achieve this mission in the Transitieversnellers program. We start with your idea and work towards validated results like a plan of action, new product design, blueprint of a business case. 


Inhouse Academy


We also provide tailored programs which we co-create according to your needs. Together we select the topics, timeframe, the methods and participants. This way we can tap into the curriculum of educational institutions or specific needs of organizations. 


Partners we've developed programs with

New skills, new business opportunities

Let's discover the possibilities of developing a custom innovation program or join an existing course from one of our partners.

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Connecting the dots between your idea and a real impactful business case

Our innovation process is a three-step process, centered around quickly validating the challenges that your customer experiences. By building the right solutions fast, we’ll help you discover the right transition path for your company quickly.

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